A Denaby Boy here, dating way back into the 50s, would you believe!

I was looking to change a Team Name on my Fantasy Football website & happened to think of none other than my old favourite, Denaby United, thinking of course that they had long been done & dusted. The memories, however, still linger.

Lo & behold - in looking for a Graphic, came across a message from John Ryan, the Doncaster Rovers Guru. What a man. So there he is on the web sending a message of congrats & encouragement to the Club's Paul Neilson!

Within hours, I commissioned the new website > http://www.denabyunited.com/ + have built League Table - Fixture & Form Tables for Doncaster & District Senior League

I see Denaby United are back - Promoted in their first season - now in Step 12 OF THE FOOTBALL PYRAMID. Better than not being there at all!

Your webmaster resides in Sydney, Australia & has done so since 1965. I went back to Denaby in Jan 2002, just as the Club was folding due to the Welfare refusing Tenancy. I went along to see them play @ Step 5 level in the Northern Counties East. They were good value too. MEMORIES!

I was shocked the Welfare would have done such a thing & look forward to hearing from someone as to whether the decision proved fruitful. To rob a fine Club like Denaby of its future was truly shocking.

Donated a hundred quid to the Club via Barrie Dalby on account of his finding my childhood sweetheart on the strength of my letter from OZ. That really was a great experience with Lynn & myself meeting in San Fransisco some months later & spending a couple of weeks in the States prior to returning with Lynn to good old Denaby for a six week sojourn!

Check out Shapsford House on Doncaster Road. My family lived there prior to our emigrating to OZ. I have no idea how my coal minig Dad managed to swing its purchase. Gone now, he was a rogue in the doing of it. That much I know.

It was from there that my friends & I would take off up to the Football ground to watch Denaby U play. We couldn't afford to pay but the gates were always opened for free passage after half time. This, however, wasn't the case in season 58-59 on a particular day - at Home to Oldham Athletic in the First Round of the FA Cup where we lost 0-2. I swear, though, you could hear the roar of the crowd for miles around. I'm sure I did from down Shapsford House way!

So, this website is dedicated to all @ Denaby United.

My interest in Non League Football dates back all those years on account of Denaby United.

I now run arguably the most extensive Results + League Table Service on the Internet for Non League Football down to Step 13 + carry many Graphics for all the Clubs listed.

Thank you Denaby United!

Mike Roche