15 July 2009

By Barrie Dalby (former secretary of Denaby United FC),


I refer to the article on page 6 of the July 9 edition regarding the proposed regeneration of the football ground at Tickhill Square, which was used by Denaby United from 1912 until 2002.
The feature is incorrect in its statement that Denaby United was "wound up", as this implies that the club had financial problems.
Denaby United met all its financial obligations and would still have been playing football and representing the local community in 2009.
There is no senior football in Denaby Main because, in September 2001, the management and trustees of Denaby and Cadeby Miners' Welfare informed the football club that it could not use the ground after the end of the 2001-02 season.
This decision was reached without any prior negotiations with the football club committee and thereafter those responsible refused to talk to not only the officials of Denaby United FC, but also Caroline Flint MP and the Sheffield and Hallamshire County Football Association to which the football club was affiliated.
The article makes reference to "an acrimonious dispute" but I would say that any acrimony at that time was entirely due to the attitude adopted by Denaby and Cadeby Miners' Welfare.
It is noted – not without irony – that they are now giving their support to the Sports Denaby project having allowed the ground to fall into a state of disrepair over the past seven years.

Barrie Dalby (former secretary of Denaby United FC),